A very important reason to publish this site is to preserve the invaluable work on Thomas by the late Dr. Thomas Paterson Brown. The site that his work was ported to after his death, www.freelyreceive.net, has frequently been subject to prolonged downtime this year (2021), and it is lacking the necessary technical updates that are required of a web site these days: you’ll need to click through a handful of security warnings in order to get to it

Like many others that are active with the gospel of Thomas, the likely average age of people involved leads to a classification of “not too internet-savvy”, and we all run the risk that the vast and tremendously detailed knowledge on Thomas, Philip and Truth will get lost: the interlinear translation of Thomas Paterson Brown is more valuable than all others combined

So I have downloaded all of it, the entire original website as it was created by Paterson Brown; excluding the freelyreceive.net part added by Andrew Michael.
And I have restored it all, put it back together as it was in May 2012, a month before the late Dr. Thomas Paterson Brown left this place. I have also re-enabled the possibility to download it all, and currently it comprises 205 MB, and likewise his music is now back online, including some other features that had gone missing over the years

Fortunately, I was able to acquire a decent domain as well:


For those of you who like to go straight for the jugular: