The gospel of Thomas (Coptic-English literal translation)

The Interactive translation of the Coptic gospel of Thomas

The only reliable translation of the so-called gospel of Thomas, where not a single word is harmonised with the New Testament.
The text says what it says, and all of it is fully traceable and verifiable: every single Coptic word is linked to online dictionaries. Don’t believe the translation of a word? Check it yourself by just clicking it

There are only two translations in the entire world that come close to the text itself, and those are the one by Detlev Koepke, and Thomas Paterson Brown. All other translations, without exception, are fancy interpretations and inaccurate representations, obfuscated by Christian bias or incidental incompetence

Feel free to disagree with me, by all means! I’ll be the first to admit that my translation is the least eloquent of them all, but the point is not that. The point is, for instance:

  • Logion 64; the man invites “strangers”, not “guests”
  • Logion 74: the two words are “separation” and “sickness” – it is just that both are masculine nouns preceded by feminine articles (which couldn’t possibly be accidental)
  • Logion 96: the woman doesn’t hide “yeast”, but “colostrum”

The dictionary is decisive on these three points, it is not a matter of interpretation: these are the only translations possible for these words. There are dozens of other cases where one translation is better suited than another, or where an interpretation (e.g. “leader” in logion 12) is unwarranted. But the above are easy ones to start with